Lily & Fig Fine Cakes & Confections

You are in the right place if you love delicious, beautifully hand-crafted cakes, desserts and confections. We are a family-owned, neighborhood bakery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

At Lily and Fig, we are dedicated to making the most delicious cakes, cookies and confections anywhere. We bake everything from scratch using the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. Our treats are as beautiful as they are delicious. Whether you are in the mood for something sweet or savory, we are sure we have something for you.

Words of praise from our customers

You have put a beautiful smile on my face and heart. My good friend Megan Enright turned me on to your cupcakes!!! The best I've had in my life!

Michelle Huff

I just wanted to pay compliments to your mouth-watering red-velvet cake that I had the delight to try on Saturday. With your decorations - a little whimsical, a little delicate - it looked as good as it tasted. Like many others, red-velvet is a personal favorite, and living in NYC, we are spoiled with delicious cake options. While not an expert, I have made an effort to try all red-velvets I come across and you have made a return customer out of me. I even believe there was a moment of silence at the table after the initial bite before someone exclaimed they understood why I traveled an hour to pick up your cake.

Lily Choi